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Raj Pippalla has directed two feature films and many commercials around the globe.

He has worked with a range of people in various roles, from producing to directing his works.

Raj shot a commercial across Morocco for Adidas, Levi’s for Japan, Liril for India.  In London, Working Title Films, also optioned a script he co-wrote.

Raj’s unique combination of directing skills, and his experience shooting internationally with various crews and budgets, is of great benefit to a project.  It not only infuses his sensibilities but it also helps him create innovative production and narrative solutions, all the while keeping a firm grip on the creative vision.


Raj is as comfortable directing a 180 member crew ( as were a few days of his last film ) as he is directing a 2 person crew.  The key is the story that needs to be told, whether in 15 seconds, 3 minutes, or an hour.

Raj loves to engage beyond the scope of directing, as and when a project needs it.

Shooting by a 2000 year old iceberg...

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